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Contact: Andy Greenwood

e-mail mail@nelsonmach.com

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Kovako M-130-D4 Road Mobile Shipunloader

We have for sale a used Kovako Road Mobile Pneumatic Shipunloader, capable of unloading ships up to 5000 dwt.

Main Details:

One (1) Used Kovako M-130-D-4 Roadmobile Pneumatic Shipunloader
  • Manufactured by Fuller Kovako in 1993
  • Max. 130 tph (cement), based on conveying distance of 175m
  • For discharge of ships up to 5000 dwt
  • Cummins Diesel
  • Heila Suction Arm
  • Mounted in dual axle Bulthuis trailer
  • Overall dimensions: 11.65m long X 2.5m wide X 4.0m high
  • Weight: 32 mt

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