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Contact: Andy Greenwood

e-mail mail@nelsonmach.com

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Equipped with a Heavy Duty hydraulic crane, this barge is ideal for transhipping bulk commodities from one vessel to another

Technical Specification

Length of the vessel: 58.50 m
Breath moulded: 24.00 m
Depth Moulded: 4.80 m
Maximum Draft: 3.00 m
Propulsion system: 2 units – Italdraghe make, 360 degrees, Azimuthal rotation, with power assisted hydro drive. Bronze 4 blade propeller, approx. 1200mm dia. Powered by Volvo D12, 400HP continuous power at 1800rpm.
Windlass: 2 units, electrical driven, Anchor 2 units – 1200kg with chain 30mm dia.
Mooring winches: 4 units Electrical driven, 5t @ 10 m/min. Suitable for storing 200 m of 65 mm dia. PP ropes with control panels and local master controls.
Accommodation: Total 15 units. Fully air-conditioned, divided into suitable compartments for officers and crew, with separate sanitary system, with a common Galley to cater to requirement of officers and crew with domestic freezer / refrigerator, and hot plates.
Communication system: Ship to shore VHF with DSC compliance.
Tank capacity: Diesel – 100T
Fresh Water – 100T
Power Generation: 2 units Cummins model KTA -38-G5 developing 1180KVA at 1500rpm, sea water cooled for continuous operations.
1 unit 120KVA harbour generator, Kirloskar make- RV8, provided with suitable marine cables and sockets.
Crane Technical Details
Hydraulic Crane Type: K3035-4 "Heavy Duty"
Hoisting capacity: SWL grab 30 ton
Hoisting capacity: SWL orange peel grab for handling of scrap 24 ton
Hoisting capacity: SWL general cargo 32,5 ton
Hoisting speed: full load grab 50 m/min
Lowering speed: full load grab 55 m/min
Hoisting & lowering speed: empty grab 75 m/min
Hoisting & lowering speed: general cargo 30 m/min
Luffing time: 90 sec
Slewing speed: 0,9 r/min
Jib radius: min 6 m
Jib radius: max 35 m
Lifting height, H+K: 38 m
Grab Details
Iron Ore Grab : 1 unit PEINER Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab type VSG/Q 1,8 – size 11cum, suitable for the handling of iron ore. with a piled density in a range of 1,8 t/m³ up to 2,2 t/m³.
Coal Grab : 1 unit PEINER Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab, type VSG/L 0,8 – size 21.6 cum, suitable for the handling of coal, with a piled density in a range of 0,8 t/m 3 up to 1,0 t/m 3.

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